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Lava Guitars are lighter, more durable and easier to play, giving you more of what matters the most - Great Sound, without fear of climate change.


Super AirSonic

A new breakthrough for AirSonic carbon fiber composite: The Super AirSonic Body material has the same weight as AirSonic but 20% Stronger. A thinner, lighter soundboard with a higher flexural modulas has been created, to produce a brighter, clearer sound.


The revolutionary BreatheNet Honeycomb add a sense of hierarchy to your performance.

Combining the strongest and most efficient mechanic structure with the acoustic simulation design. Each honeycomb has different height and thickness based on its mechanical function. It generates extraordinary sound even with just a slight pluck. The curved honeycomb structure keeps providing a sonorous and clear sound.


The neck with parametric design.

Gives you an extraordinary playing experience.

The idea behind FlyNeck was to design and build the most comfortable intuitive guitar neck possible. The structural geometry of the FlyNeck was achieved by tracking the different forces on the neck during the shifting of positions whilst playing the LAVA ME 2. We carefully designed the neck profile, adding or removing materials as necessary to ensure the FlyNeck would fit your individual playing style without you even noticing it.


The most advanced fret machining system, easy and comfortable to press.

The Plek PRO machine is the most advanced guitar fret machining system on the planet. Designed to ensure the best string action available, this state of the art process removes any potential intonation issues and allows the LAVA ME 2 to have an advanced level of playability and sound quality straight out of the box. After simultaneously scanning the surface of the fretboard whilst simulating the strings tension, it then cuts the frets with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Plek Pro's high accuracy cutting assists the LAVA ME 2 in achieving it's exceptional tone and comfortable playing position.


Works in all Conditions

Unlike wood, which tends to warp in changing weather conditions, the Super AirSonic carbon fiber body material of the LAVA ME 2, can adapt to changes in temperature from -20℃ to 90℃ and humidity of 10% - 90%. Whether you’re in a desert or polar region, the LAVA ME 2 will always work for you.



  • 3.7lb lightweight and portable
  • L2 Freeboost technology, playing with effects without amp
  • Super AirSonic carbon fiber body works in all conditions
  • BreatheNet Honeycomb keeps providing a sonorous and clear sound
  • The most advanced fret machining system, easy and comfortable to press

LAVA ME 2 Semi Acoustic Guitar - Black

₹94,840.00 Regular Price
₹90,098.00Sale Price

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