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he digital piano is a relatively new category of piano that incorporates micro chips and sound systems, instead of strings and hammers, to produce their sound. They are the best of both worlds . . . full-featured digital technology, but, with the touch and tone of an acoustic piano.


Suzuki digital pianos feature a Hammer Action Key-Bed, which duplicates both the weight and the mechanical movement of our fine acoustic grand pianos. The key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes to simulate the string thickness, hammer size and damper in a grand piano. Advanced models are even velocity-sensitive.


And, digital pianos are so versatile!

  • Voices and rhythms
    Many have hundreds of sounds that have been sampled from authentic instruments making their sound incredibly realistic, and can play different kinds of rhythm styles together with these various instrument voices.
  • Recording capabilities
    Digital pianos have recording functions that allow you to record practice or performance sessions.
    Some are capable of playing pre-recorded music disks, even digital music files downloaded from the Internet.
  • Authentic touch and feel
    The keyboards are designed to exactly mimic the feel and touch of an acoustic piano, so there is virtually no difference between the two.
  • Compact size
    As a digital piano does not incorporate strings or castings to produce the sound, they tend to be smaller, lighter and easier to move than an acoustic piano.
    They are perfect instruments for a smaller space, condo or apartment living.
  • Headphone capability
    You can practice without disturbing others..
  • Less maintenance
    Digital pianos never need tuning!

Suzuki Piano HP-3X DRW with Bench

₹71,400.00 Regular Price
₹67,830.00Sale Price

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