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Chromatic Harmonica with 12 holes, 48 notes and brown-tinted acrylic comb


The Chromatic DE LUXE offers an affordable start into the world of the chromatic harmonica. The Chromatic DE LUXE is equipped with SEYDEL's traditional brass reeds.

The extreme airtight and solid construction leads to a full  sound in all three registers and a good tonal response.


• pressing the slider makes it possible to reach all the notes of the chromatic scale

• solo tuning: 12 holes = three full octaves (basis frequencs is A = 443Hz)

• mouthpiece made of metal with square openings

• reliable valving - approved valve material from the SAXONY Chromatic

• less air-consumption due to optimzed tolerance between reedplates made of German silver with an optimum flatness

• stable and corrosion-free coverplates made of stainless steel

• high-precision CNC-milled comb made of acrylic glass with optimized shape for ideal tonal response, half-translucent brown

Seydel Chromatic DE LUXE C Harmonica

₹20,190.00 Regular Price
₹19,180.50Sale Price

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