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Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone for Vocal Applications


Flexible Communication

The TA 312S Gooseneck microphones bring a whole new meaning to the word flexible. Beyond their fully adjustable goosenecks lies a new level of flexibility. Designed for easy replacement and available in cardioid directional characteristic offer wide frequency response and accurate sound reproduction for a broad variety of applications, such as musician and stage communication by directly plugging in to your X32 consoles, courtrooms and conference centers.


No More Rumble Only Tuned Clarity…

Reverberation & room acoustic is not your puzzle anymore; TA 312S microphones are fine tuned for speech and ensures crystal clarity in communication with clear & intelligible sound that can be heard and understood by everyone.


No Installation Headaches…

Highly compact TA 312S is designed for plugging directly into any panel or desk-mounted female XLR connector.

Behringer Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone TA 312S

₹6,784.00 Regular Price
₹6,444.80Sale Price

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