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Swar Sangat is a Digital Tanpura unit with super stable and accurate pitch. The basic pitch is directly indicated on the front mounted display for easy reference and it’s range is over 1 octave. A very precise option for fine tuning is also provided. Pancham, Madhyam and Nishad can be selected as desired. Madhyam and Nishad can be separately fine tuned if desired. The Swar Sangat stores all these settings in it’s memory on switch OFF and restores them on switch ON. The Swar Sangat has a very pleasing sound as different sounds blend seamlessly with each other without disturbing the performer.


Features Of Swar Sangat

  • Super stable accurate digital tuned pitched
  • Full flexiblity for Nishad as well as Madhyam tuning with manual adjustment
  • Easy direct Pitch (Sur) Read out on display
  • Delivers real unmatched Tanpura sound using latest cutting edge technologies
  • Excellent tone features for selection of Male/Female type of Tanpura tone
  • Extremely compact in size and light weight
  • Custom designed speakers for exceptional tonal quality
  • Used as reference Tanpura by many Indian classical professionals
  • In-built chargeable pencil cell operation
  • Batteries in charging mode even when the instrument is ON
  • 12 V DC operation for better sound quality and longer battery life

Swar Sangat Digital Tanpura

₹6,200.00 Regular Price
₹5,890.00Sale Price

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